The Excerpt I Am Going To Use Tomorrow Starts With “And then I got to Memphis.” (7-15-2013)

I can not Read This Excerpt without Breaking Down In Tears.

After I am gone…  I am so happy for All Of You… that will benefit from my death.

I am going to Heaven, if their is one.  Or I Am Going To The Worms… to be a Part of God/Nature again.

I am the Happiest Man Alive!  That’s No Shit!


Allen Darman (with significant and heroic help from his Smart WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

There Is A Martin Luther King Speech Given On April 3, 1968 That Applies To Allen Darman (7-15-2013)

Many persons that go up against the Powers that Be know that they are going to lose their life sooner or later for what they are doing to help humanity.

Martin Luther King was one of these people, and he alluded to about this in a Great Speech he gave on April 3, 1968.

Martin Luther King willingly gave his life to help his fellow black folks, and to help humanity as a whole as well (just as Jesus did, and did John F. Kennedy, and others did too).

I am in the same boat as Martin Luther King, Jesus, John F. Kennedy and many other persons that willingly gave their life in order to help humanity.

In coming to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley via my Toyota Previa minivan, I am forcing the hand of numerous Powers that Be. (Therefore they are likely to act against me.)

I know full well my odds of making it to San Francisco alive about two weeks from now “are not very good”… but traveling to San Francisco what my conscience (“the little piece of God in me”) asks of me at this time.

I accept my Fate enroute to San Francisco with Grace, whatever it may be.

If I don’t make it, perhaps Reverend King’s eloquent words will be of some comfort to those that deeply care about me.

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

Either a germane excerpt or Martin Luther King’s entire speech on this day is coming and will be inserted into this WordPress blog as soon as I get to use a public library computer again.